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Take the opportunity now to buy this set at a super special price.

The price of the set, which includes the Mermaid Tail, the Monofin and the KUAKI Bikini, is much cheaper than buying the garments separately.

The KUAKI Ibiza Mermaid Tail and Bandeau Bikini is made from high quality Lycra Xtra Life stretch fabric that conforms to the body for comfortable swimming. The printed design mimics scales and fin. Bright, vibrant colours with 3D effect add realism to the garment. More colours and designs are available for you to choose from. Composition 80% polyester, 20% elastane.

The KUAKI monofin, included in this set, is essential for being able to swim and move in the water like a mermaid. The outer fabric, removable for quick and optimal drying, is made of neoprene that adapts perfectly to the feet to ensure a comfortable swim. The inside is made of a special, flexible and light material that allows easy and quick movement in the water.

IMPORTANT: Mermaid tails in sizes M and L are supplied with the KUAKI Plus monofin and sizes XS and S with the KUAKI Junior monofin. Remember to choose the Bikini size that best suits you.

The mermaid tail tip protectors are sent free of charge with this set. Don't forget to place them correctly to avoid tears or cuts in the fabric.

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